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How to receive your Federal Employee Benefit Analysis (FEBA)


- Calculate Your Retirement Annuity


- Survivor Benefit and Annuity Cost Analysis


- TSP Contribution and Withdrawal Options


- Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Review and Cost Analysis


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Who We Are


Employee Benefit Advisors does just that—we advise hundreds of federal workers each year on their individual benefit options and guide them on how to structure their benefits to work properly for retirement. 


At Employee Benefit Advisors, we specialize in federal benefits training and offer both government agency-sponsored seminars and public seminars conducted by seasoned former federal managers who know the federal benefits inside and out. 


And, upon request, one of our highly skilled, experienced Federal Benefits Specialists will work with you one-on-one to assess your current situation, review and evaluate your goals and examine various retirement scenarios to develop a customized plan for your retirement.


The type of retirement you have always dreamed of having can be achieved!


Get objective, personalized counseling to give you a clear picture of your future and to help "Make Your Dreams Become A Reality."


What will happen when I retire?    
Am I ready?    
How can I be sure?


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